Monthly Archives: September 2013

Queen of the Curve Ball

throwing curve ballMy first job is and always will be a mom. I have two wonderful, precocious boys who keep me on my toes. They’re five and four and full of energy. My second job is writing (although my husband would argue it’s being CEO of Our Household). Because I’m a mom, I have to play a bit of baseball, too. Position: batter. Goal: avoid the curve ball. Continue reading

You Wanna Lose Your Work? I Didn’t Think So…

Today’s post is admittedly not that inspiring…unless you don’t want to lose your work. About a year ago, I happened upon a post by Mat Honan about how his iPhone, iPad, and Macbook were completely erased, and his Twitter and Google accounts compromised. The hackers did it with a few digits of a credit card number that show up readily on Amazon. He lost EVERYTHING. All the pictures ever taken in his daughter’s life. Documents he saved no where else. In a word, it was catastrophic. You can read about his “epic hacking” here.

Then the other day, I had a terrible dream about my house and all of its contents going up in flames. In my dream, I said to myself, “Oh, it’s okay…I have a backup!” and then I realized that I’d been doing backups on a too-small external hard drive (I’d been putting off getting a larger one). That dream was the impetus I needed to buy a larger external hard drive, and reevaluate not only what I was backing up, but how. Continue reading

Shakin’ Up Your Brain

typewriter keysI assume most of you are like me…you get to a great place in your novel and then WHAM! your brain shuts like a steel door to a vault. You can’t think what your characters should do next. Ya got nuthin’!

This has happened quite a lot recently (I have a lot of other stuff on my brain) so I thought a little structure exercise might be what the doctor ordered to loosen those little synapses up. In class last year, we had to write a story where the first word of each sentence was the next sequential letter in the alphabet. So the first sentence had to start with the letter, “A,” the next with the letter, “B,” etc. In other words, an alphabetical 26-sentence story. Continue reading

Me Slacker, You Slacker

Yes, I’m a slacker. I’m two weeks behind in posts. Granted, the last three weeks have been absolute chaos with school starting (both my own and my kids), back-to-back weekend travel (one of those weekends was in God’s country with no phone/internet), and the usual whirlwind that comes when your husband starts a new job (oh yeah…did I forget to mention? He’s got a new job and right now he’s working at home). So I’ve gotten a bit behind on posts.

However, I am pleased to announce that the group blog venture I’ve started with seven of my writing friends from the McDaniel Romance Writing Program has gone live! We call ourselves Eight Ladies Writing and we blog every day about writing, the writing life, and other related things. The girls I blog with are amazing…a great support group, good cheerleaders, and we all have our own unique stories that we’re trying to bring to the page.

So while I may fall off the wagon here every now and then (really, I’m going to try to get back on track, but I head to London in 9 days for the Jane Austen Festival and other sightseeing/research things with my Eight Ladies friend Jilly Wood, so I’m not sure how much I’ll accomplish between now and then), I promise to get back on as quick as possible. And in the meantime, you can see what seven other amazing women are doing, thinking, and writing.