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A Picture Says a Thousand Words…Now How to Get Them on Paper?!?

My good friend Jilly Wood, who lives in London, recently visited Kenwood, an historic estate near Hampstead Heath. In fact, if you’ve seen the movie Notting Hill, you’d recognize the back of Kenwood as the estate where character Anna Scott was filming the Henry James period piece.

The back of Kenwood House. Photo (c) English Heritage.

The back of Kenwood House. Photo (c) English Heritage.

The library in Kenwood was recently restored to its original state — paint colors, flooring, decor, etc. — and it’s gorgeous. Jilly wrote a bit about it on our group blog site Eight Ladies Writing and I made a mad dash for Google Images to find more about this fantastic national landmark.

What resulted from my search was this picture of the music room. Continue reading

Visual Imagery with Playlists

justine covington, book playlist, romance writingIn the McDaniel Romance Writing program, we had two assignments to help us visualize our book. One was a collage (hated it; hard to do using modern magazines to represent a story that takes place 200 years ago; I’m so not showing you what I did); the other was a playlist. I didn’t mind the playlist too much, because much of the music I like was actually “modern” for Regency England. Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach were all well-regarded composers at the time and ladies would perform their work at musicales.

It’s been over a year now since I visited my playlist for Three Proposals, but I played it yesterday and was surprised by how well my musical selections still stand up to my story, despite the massive changes I’ve made since then. In truth, about the only thing that’s the same story-wise are the character’s names! Continue reading

Four Months? Really?

Life has been busy. It’s been four months (!!!) since I posted something here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging, because I have! Just not here. I’ve been spending every Friday blogging on my group site Eight Ladies Writing, which is great, but I need to make a more concerted effort on this blogging front.

So, fingers crossed that I can extract a few additional hours from our current space-time continuum to write something original here every couple of weeks. At least.