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Losing My Mind?

Just a quick apology for the (likely) cryptic post yesterday (if you’re looking for it, I already deleted it, sorry). The Eight Ladies communicate off-line through a private WordPress blog, and that’s where I thought I was posting last night. In my defense:

  • I screwed up the delivery of my Eight Lady post and was reeling from that
  • I’m a little over-tired
  • I’ve been traveling since last Wednesday with my two (small) rambunctious boys — and am still traveling!
  • I’m on a different time zone
  • I can’t remember which day it is
  • I’m freaking out because my Royal Ascot contest entry is due in less than a week and I have an entire scene to write (okay, this is the REAL reason I’m so out of it!)

Hardly good excuses, but it’s the best I’ve got. I promise it won’t happen again (at least this week).

Beta Reader Back-and-Forth

Today, my post on Eight Ladies Writing was about cultivating a good writer/beta reader relationship. It occurred to me that showing an example of some of the points I made might be in order.

What’s below is the email exchange between me and one of my beta readers, fellow Eight Lady Jilly Wood. Jilly has read two versions of my planned submission for the Royal Ascot contest; her comments are based on the second revision. The email trail is in chronological order from top to bottom. I hope you find it useful! Continue reading

Stuff I Like: Scrivener

showcase-scrivener_headerOkay, writing people, I’m going to make a very brash and likely controversial statement: If you’re not using Scrivener to write your book, you’re crazy. Downright loopy-in-the-head. It is by far the biggest time and sanity saver I’ve ever encountered and you MUST make it part of your writing toolkit. I’d put it up there with ‘ol Strunk and White. It’s THAT good.

Before you go and tell me to jump in a lake, know that I’ve been a writer my entire adult life…a technical writer, but a writer just the same. I’ve used everything including Continue reading