Losing My Mind?

Just a quick apology for the (likely) cryptic post yesterday (if you’re looking for it, I already deleted it, sorry). The Eight Ladies communicate off-line through a private WordPress blog, and that’s where I thought I was posting last night. In my defense:

  • I screwed up the delivery of my Eight Lady post and was reeling from that
  • I’m a little over-tired
  • I’ve been traveling since last Wednesday with my two (small) rambunctious boys — and am still traveling!
  • I’m on a different time zone
  • I can’t remember which day it is
  • I’m freaking out because my Royal Ascot contest entry is due in less than a week and I have an entire scene to write (okay, this is the REAL reason I’m so out of it!)

Hardly good excuses, but it’s the best I’ve got. I promise it won’t happen again (at least this week).

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