Monthly Archives: May 2014

Things I Like: “Mastering Showing and Telling In Your Fiction” by Marcy Kennedy

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 8.57.01 AMIt must be “Things I Like” month. I just finished reading this short and to-the-point HOW-TO guide to improve the showing-not-telling in your writing. I emphasize the “how to” part, because I’ve read a few books on show-don’t-tell and they rarely come with lists (yes, lists!) of words, phrases, etc. that you can search for in your work to identify where you’re telling instead of showing. Continue reading

Things I Like: Scapple

Another nod to the folks at Literature and Latte (creators of Scrivener, which I’ve already raved about)…this time, for Scapple, a brainstorming, white-boarding, mind-organizing free-form tool that uses boxes, lines, and arrows to help you organize your thoughts. Or, in the case of my book, to help me organize my character’s actions and reactions.

What I like about Scapple (aside from the 30 days-of-use — not 30 consecutive days — free trial) is that Continue reading