2013_Headshots_JeannineCovington-2finalbwsmallJustine has loved history since she was little. Growing up in rural Maryland with a corn field in her back yard, she used to play “Laura Ingalls Wilder,” making corn cakes and other “pioneer” food in her sandbox. She’s loved books just as long. The best punishment she could receive as a child was being grounded to her room where she could read uninterrupted (sometimes for days).

After college, Justine chose a practical career and began a fifteen-year stint as a technical writer, trainer, and software designer, then quit it all to start a family. Five years later, the kids were in school and Justine decided it was time to write the Regency historicals she loves, rather than simply read them, so she enrolled in the inaugural class of the Romance Writing program at the Nora Roberts Center for American Romance at McDaniel College. She’s currently hard at work on her first novel.

When not writing, Justine enjoys reading, playing games that make her mind work, and spending time with her family.

Justine resides in Arizona with her husband and children.