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Things I Like: “Mastering Showing and Telling In Your Fiction” by Marcy Kennedy

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 8.57.01 AMIt must be “Things I Like” month. I just finished reading this short and to-the-point HOW-TO guide to improve the showing-not-telling in your writing. I emphasize the “how to” part, because I’ve read a few books on show-don’t-tell and they rarely come with lists (yes, lists!) of words, phrases, etc. that you can search for in your work to identify where you’re telling instead of showing. Continue reading

Losing My Mind?

Just a quick apology for the (likely) cryptic post yesterday (if you’re looking for it, I already deleted it, sorry). The Eight Ladies communicate off-line through a private WordPress blog, and that’s where I thought I was posting last night. In my defense:

  • I screwed up the delivery of my Eight Lady post and was reeling from that
  • I’m a little over-tired
  • I’ve been traveling since last Wednesday with my two (small) rambunctious boys — and am still traveling!
  • I’m on a different time zone
  • I can’t remember which day it is
  • I’m freaking out because my Royal Ascot contest entry is due in less than a week and I have an entire scene to write (okay, this is the REAL reason I’m so out of it!)

Hardly good excuses, but it’s the best I’ve got. I promise it won’t happen again (at least this week).