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462px-Thomas_Lawrence,_Portrait_of_Lady_Elizabeth_Conyngham_(1821–1824,_WGA12516)“Three Proposals”
Since the death of her parents three years ago, Miss Susannah Humphries has lived in the West Indies, where she witnessed the brutal beatings her sister suffered at the hands of her husband. Susannah returns to England on the brink of her majority to finalize her inheritance so she can go back to the Caribbean and rescue her sister from certain death. However, her snake-like uncle has a different plan: marry her to his unscrupulous friend, then split her dowry.

To circumvent her uncle, the ever-independent Susannah goes on a husband-hunt, determined that if she must marry, it will be to someone she can control. When handsome and curious Nate Kinlan presents himself as a prospective suitor, Susannah sees red. Nate is dangerous to her mission of finding an uninspiring husband, and his stolen kisses are proof of that. But Nate has his own mission: prove Susannah’s uncle is a traitor and the man responsible for the death of his friends.

Susannah becomes desperate when her uncle speeds up the marriage timeline, so she seeks out Nate to propose a marriage of convenience. When she can’t find him, she’s left with no option except to leave the country. Nate, concerned for her welfare, finds Susannah and proposes a fake marriage, which will protect her and still allow him access to her uncle. With no other suitable options, she agrees.

When Susannah’s uncle learns of their pretend marriage, he quickly goes on the offensive. Susannah realizes that to save her sister and herself, she must first save the one she now loves…the one she wants to call “husband” for all time.

“Saving Grace” Alexander_MacKenzie_by_Thomas_Lawrence_(c.1800)
Sir Guy Tradwick has and will always be a ladies man. When presented with a mission from the Home Office to find a missing person in Napoleon-controlled France, he accepts it without hesitation. To his way of thinking, it will be an easy job with a large reward and the chance for promotion.

Social butterfly Miss Catherine Delaray never wanted to leave England, but her stepmother gave her no choice, once she discovered Catie was pregnant. Banished to a Catholic home for girls, Catie gives birth to a child that she raises with love and affection. Motherhood changes Catie — gone is the social butterfly; now she is a devoted mother who will do anything for her child, especially when the babe is taken from her and sold to a powerful French family.

When Guy finds Catie, he quickly realizes the fiery young miss will not leave France willingly, for the bond of motherhood is not easily broken. He must use his smarts and resourcefulness to evade pro-Napoleon forces, and guard his heart from the captivating Miss Delaray, so he can find the little child that Catie insists is her saving grace and fulfill his mission.