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Things I Like: Scapple

Another nod to the folks at Literature and Latte (creators of Scrivener, which I’ve already raved about)…this time, for Scapple, a brainstorming, white-boarding, mind-organizing free-form tool that uses boxes, lines, and arrows to help you organize your thoughts. Or, in the case of my book, to help me organize my character’s actions and reactions.

What I like about Scapple (aside from the 30 days-of-use — not 30 consecutive days — free trial) is that Continue reading

Gravitas in Storytelling

gravity, sandra bullock

“Gravity” (c) 2013 Warner Brothers Studios.

Last night my husband and I saw “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It’s a mesmerizing film that anyone who appreciates a good story should see. It’s the only movie I’ve been to where almost no one got up to use the restroom during the film. When the movie ended, there seemed to be a huge exhale from the audience, as if we were all holding our breaths (I think we were). To say that Bullock is outstanding in the film would be a gross understatement. Don’t bother with Academy judges; just give her the Oscar now. Continue reading