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Things I Like: Scapple

Another nod to the folks at Literature and Latte (creators of Scrivener, which I’ve already raved about)…this time, for Scapple, a brainstorming, white-boarding, mind-organizing free-form tool that uses boxes, lines, and arrows to help you organize your thoughts. Or, in the case of my book, to help me organize my character’s actions and reactions.

What I like about Scapple (aside from the 30 days-of-use — not 30 consecutive days — free trial) is that Continue reading

Noisy When It’s Quiet

tinnitusThis post has nothing to do with writing. (You’re shocked. Sorry.) It’s about the lack of quiet in my life.

I’ve been struggling with tinnitus recently. AKA ringing in the ears. It started about 6 weeks ago…one night before bed, I went around the house, turning off all the lights, TVs, music I listen to when I work, etc., but I could still hear this high-pitched radio frequency (RF) sound. I thought it was an electrical device left on (like leaving on the CD player, but nothing is playing). I went through my office and our family room trying to find the offending appliance only to realize there wasn’t one. Continue reading

Shakin’ Up Your Brain

typewriter keysI assume most of you are like me…you get to a great place in your novel and then WHAM! your brain shuts like a steel door to a vault. You can’t think what your characters should do next. Ya got nuthin’!

This has happened quite a lot recently (I have a lot of other stuff on my brain) so I thought a little structure exercise might be what the doctor ordered to loosen those little synapses up. In class last year, we had to write a story where the first word of each sentence was the next sequential letter in the alphabet. So the first sentence had to start with the letter, “A,” the next with the letter, “B,” etc. In other words, an alphabetical 26-sentence story. Continue reading

Getting “In the Zone”

One of my fellow classmates in the McDaniel Romance Writing Program said she’s having trouble getting “in the zone” when she sits down and writes — that writing is like extruding concrete (yuck!). I’m having the same problem. I think it’s because I’m anxious to get comments back on an assignment we turned into to our teacher, and that we have an assignment due in two weeks (our first scene and our climax scene) and I’m writing out of order, which I don’t think suits me. I haven’t had time to develop either main character or the relationship between them, or the hatred/threat of my antagonist (that’s something my classmate pointed out about her writing — she tends to write linearly and therefore gets to know her characters very well by the time the climax rolls around).

At this point, it’s words on paper for me, which is a terrible thing to say, but until I feel “zonish,” I’m going to have to roll with it to get this assignment done by its due date. Then perhaps I can go back to just writing. 🙂

What do you do when you’re stuck?